Building campaigns around dates from an object

  • 13 February 2024
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In my project, I am trying to have a campaign send a message 21 days before a date, 7 days before a date, and 5 days before a date. I’m working with people that are connected to a class and I want to send emails X days before the class_start_date. My current set up has to use a different segment for each different message timeline because there was no other way to filter course dates in the workflows. 

Now I’m running into the issue that when it finally gets to the end of the workflow, I can’t figure out which relationship (which class) is the relationship that got me to this place so I can’t reliably use any relationship fields in my email.


Can anyone help or have ideas?

2 replies



Unfortunately it’s not possible to reference an object attribute within a Wait Until and a few other Workflow areas. Our Product and Engineering teams are aware this is a needed feature, and it’s on our planned roadmap for Objects and Campaigns.

At least for within messages you can leverage liquid to know what object caused the customer journey. So assuming your object is called “classes” it would look something like this:

{{ trigger.classes.class_start_date }}

I’d keep an eye on the Release notes (and roadmap linked there) for when that functionality comes out.

Thanks Michael,

I started to do this with liquid but trigger.classes isn’t available for segment triggered campaigns from what I saw. or at least it doesn’t identify which person - class relationship triggered the campaign?


This is super helpful to see the roadmap though!