Access Event Data when using a Segment as Campaign trigger

  • 8 December 2022
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We have a question about using segments as campaign triggers and accessing event data inside messages. Currently, we are using segments as campaign triggers and have added a true/false condition in the workflow building. This condition allows us to choose whether a customer has performed a specific event. We would like to know if it is possible to access the event data inside the messages on the true path of this condition, when the event has been performed beforehand.

We have discovered that this is possible when using the event trigger as a campaign trigger, where we have access to all the event data inside the workflow. However, we would like to access this feature when using a segment as a trigger and a condition to check if the event was performed before.

We appreciate any guidance on this matter. Thank you in advance.


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The only time you can reference specific event data is from a campaign that triggered the event. If you need to reference data, you’ll need to use a “Create or Update Person” ( action within an event triggered campaign to store the event data on a profile for use later.

However, you can use logic in the campaign to change behavior based on whether an event has happened before. For example, branches have an


Or you can use a Wait Until, which include support for specific event property filters (