Moving customer up in a workflow? (Loop)

  • 3 February 2023
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How can I create a infinite loop in a workflow. 
Let’ customer go through the workflow once, if they don’t meet the goal then move them back to middle of workflow, not top.


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3 replies

this is very relevant also for us,
at the moment we are stuck with this.


we have a use case where the we need to send email reminders for as long as the user remains in a segment.

so ideally, the workflow shouldn’t end, rather loop.


is there any viable solution? or workaround?


thank you all!

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Hi all, 

While the specifics may impact exactly how you set up these campaigns here are some points that may assist you. 

Profiles in a workflow cannot “jump branches”. Campaigns work from the top down with whatever actions item you set in place, so if you want to send users emails based on certain rules, you can use action items paired with messaging actions to send emails when profiles meet certain criteria. 

@sunny for your use case, I would recommend using an event triggered campaign or an API Triggered Broadcasts. You can send a call or event at whatever cadence you want to send out the email to profiles still in the trigger segment.

Hopefully this is helpful in getting you started. 

We’re needing the exact same feature, although for a different context (see 



The solution we’re using so far is use a campaign that is triggered by the event ‘X’, with some event attributes. And then, at its end, simply re-send the event for the customer within the campaign flow, but only if a certain condition is met (to avoid endless loops). This will re-trigger the campaign, and subsequent ‘iterations’ of the campaign can be controlled by the attributes you send along for subsequent iterations. It’s the closest solution to iterations we could find, if that may help you. Although definitely not ideal. The best and easiest would probably be a ‘Do … For’ action in the campaign workflow builder, where you can for example iterate through an iterable provided in an event attribute of the event triggering the campaign.