Linking and Correlating Two Events in a Campaign

  • 15 October 2023
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A customer reached out to ask if it was possible to correlate one event to another. In their case, they wanted to start a campaign when a patient performs an event for “sent message”, and then have them wait for a separate event to be sent from their clinician (“message replied”) to move onto the next campaign action.



To resolve this issue, it is suggested to include an identifier (e.g., 'message_id') in the event data for each of these events. This identifier will enable you to connect both events.

The 'Wait until' condition, a feature on the platform, can be utilized effectively here. Once the 'message_id' is implemented for both events, use the 'Wait until' condition to match these IDs before proceeding with the campaign strategy. This way, you can ensure the correlation between the patient's most recent message and the clinician's response.

Screenshot guide


We realise that this isn’t the most straightforward way to achieve the goal, and are always doing what we can to solve that. The important thing to note for now though, is that it’s possible!



For more information, check out the following resources:

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