Editing the Schedule and Send Rate of an Already-Started Broadcast

  • 15 October 2023
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You might have already started a broadcast intending to send out newsletters but realized that you need to edit its schedule or the send rate. Unfortunately, within the Customer.io system, editing the schedule gets disabled within 5 minutes of the scheduled time and once the broadcast starts sending, it becomes impossible to edit the Send Rate Limit or other aspects of the broadcast.



Unfortunately, editing the scheduled time is disabled within 5 minutes of the scheduled time; at which time, you can only Cancel the Schedule:


Furthermore, once your Broadcast Scheduled time arrives and the Broadcast starts sending, I'm afraid it is not possible to edit the Send Rate Limit or other facets of your broadcast aside from Stopping the Newsletter from sending, for that matter. However, if you do find an error in your settings that you wish to fix, one avenue to explore would be to:

  • Stop newsletter sending for your original Broadcast
  • Create a new Broadcast with the same/new content and the new settings
  • Create a Data-Driven Segment of profiles who have received your original Broadcast
  • Use this segment as a filter for your Newsletter recipients (to avoid double-messaging people)
  • Then send your V.2 broadcast with your new settings.


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