Creating Email "Templates" for Drag-and-Drop Emails

  • 13 October 2023
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Within the platform, users often have the need to leverage email templates for their various campaigns. When it comes to our drag-and-drop emails, this process may not be as straightforward as it is with our Rich Text editor and its “layouts” function.



A user is seeking to create an email template that's compatible with our drag-and-drop interface, but they are only discovering how to build templates for rich text emails. The uncertainty lies in discovering if making templates for drag-and-drop emails is feasible.



Getting right into the question, we do not have a way to use layouts or templates via the Drag and Drop editor, but we do have some alternatives here for you that might work for this use case.

The first option is to do this by creating a ‘template’ message in a new campaign (that you never activate or send) and set that email to "Don't Send" like this:


In that email, you can then create the components or template content you'd like to reuse. Since the editor lets you pick an old message as a starting point for all new messages, you can use this email in each campaign you want to send using that "layout" as your starting point. Something similar to the following screen will appear once you choose to edit the content of an empty email:


After that, you'd select (in this example) 'Global Header and Footer' and build your new email from there. Please note that you can't make retroactive updates to existing email messages like this, but composing a new message this way might be a better option than starting from scratch each time. You can make as many of these faux “templates” as you wish!

Another option is to use our Snippets feature. Once you create a snippet, you can reference it in any email using Liquid code. The benefit of this method is it can be used anywhere. You can reference our snippets documentation for more information.


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