Send in-app messages with Segment

  • 25 May 2023
  • 1 reply

I’m using Segment to send events to How do I implement in-app messaging with Segment?

1 reply


Hi @misty!

Thank you for posting to our Community! I'm happy to help with your question. :)

At this time, the only way to receive in-app messages on your app/website are via our SDKs (for mobile apps) or our JavaScript snippet (for web apps). You will need to make an "identify" function call using our SDK or JS snippet to identify your end-user on your app/website, then you can send in-app messages to them via the same identifier. All of your normal data/event processing can continue running through Segment.

In the future, we will be working with Segment to explore the possibility of adding in-app messaging support directly from their integration.

I hope this sets you on the right track!