Does offer similar functionality?

  • 23 November 2023
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our company is currently using By chance, we came across the platform and are very interested. We would like to inquire about the following questions:

  1. In ortto, there is a 'capture' module for converting potential customers, which can target a specific group of people (unidentified users) in particular scenarios (when the customer intends to leave) and pop up a specific popup (for email subscription, allowing the customer to fill in their email).
  2. ortto has a collection of sources for WooCommerce and Shopify, supporting the import of website data into ortto through APIs. Does offer similar functionality?

4 replies

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Hello @Alan8964 ,

Hope you’re doing good! Jumping right into your questions:


  1. We currently don’t have a way for in-app messages to be sent to anonymous visitors that only has anonymous_ids. It would require that either an id or email is set in order to trigger and send a message.

    We do have an open feature request around this so I've gave that a bump and added your use case. 😊
  2. We do have an available Shopify and Woocommerce integration available that you can check out here: and

    You can also set up sources in the Data Pipeline using the API. You can learn more about it here:

I hope this helps!



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Hey Alan,

There is also the option to use a thrid party tools for the popups, like Typeform. You could surpess the exit-intent popup for identified users (so basically the other way around).

We already implement this scenario with other clients. Feel free to shoot me a message for a walkthrough or something.

Happy to help 😁

There are a lot of plugins and apps that will do what you wish to implement. And these apps can be integrated with to send your prospect/lead data and trigger nurture campaigns.

Here I found new information that is helpful for me thanks to everyone for sharing your experience