Adding a segment to a snippet

  • 17 November 2022
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Is this possible? 

Ideally we’d like to have a snippet that shows 




but more specifically, we’d like to be able do a function, if customer in this segment, snippet should do this.


The less fun workaround is to make a campaign to add attributes to the user, but was wondering if we can just access a customer’s segments directly in the snippet editor.


Thanks in advance!


Best answer by matt 17 November 2022, 19:36

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2 replies

Ended up doing that workaround and it wasn’t too bad. :)


Have a large catch all “Segment → Attribute” campaign, triggered whenever someone enters any of the 5+ Segments that we’d like to be able to treat like Attributes.

Then have 5+ separate attribute updates (Create or Update Person) that are filtered by the 5+ specific Segments via Action Conditions.


Curious to know what your specific use case was for this? Seems like an interesting implementation.