Categorizing Marketing Emails for Subscription Options

  • 18 September 2023
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This post addresses a common question concerning the categorization of marketing emails, giving recipients the power to choose what type of emails they want to receive and unsubscribe from.



When sending out transactional emails and marketing emails, it can sometimes be confusing to understand how to categorize and manage these messages. The specific problem faced here was categorizing marketing emails in a way that allows recipients to selectively opt-out. For example, let's assume we want our recipients to have the freedom to unsubscribe from training marketing emails while still receiving notifications about promotions and holiday deals.



It was clarified that transactional messages are typically used for one-off communications. These are not something the customers opt into, rather they are triggered by specific actions or events.
When it comes to categorizing marketing emails,'s Subscription Center is an ideal solution. Through this feature, you can set a variety of topics or categories that your customers can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from.


Using the Subscription Center for managing email categories can provide a more personalized email experience for your recipients and facilitate better management of your marketing communication.



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