Can Gmail and run in parallel?

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi Community!

I’m brand new to, apologies if this is frequently asked.


My domain is currently setup with Google Workspace, however, I would like to use the same domain with for sending emails, although since the instructions for configuring a new domain on instruct me to add additional MX records for my domain, which I thought was a no-no.


Is this the case, will adding the additional MX records break anything? Am I able to run Google Workspace / Gmail in parallel. or should I purchase a separate domain specific to mail with 


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Hey Adam,

When you verify your domain for sending emails from, we ask that you place our required DNS records in your account-specific subdomain and should not affect your regular email sending from your Google workspace. 


This section of our help documentation on domain authentication goes over this in more detail:


Hope this is helpful in clarifying this! :)