How can i make the in app message appear faster in my website?

  • 29 November 2023
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I created a campaign where if i clicked the add_to_cart button in the catalog of the website it should show me an in app message but it takes like 12 seconds to appear in screen. Here is a video that i did showing the problem: 


1 reply

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Hi Diego,


Thank you for posting to our community! Happy to help provide some context here.


Generally speaking, when a message is “sent” from, our SDKs fetch them and store them on the device, and they’ll show in real time when customers match the the page rule(s) specified in the message. However, event-triggered messages aren’t sent until a person performs an event, meaning that our SDKs don’t prefetch them. The round-trip traffic between the device-side event, starting a campaign, and fetching a message results in the delay between when a person triggers a message and when it appears in your app.

We explore some alternative strategies to help improve on this in this section of our Docs:

I hope this helps, Diego!