Export CSV of all user's email events

  • 2 May 2023
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Hey all,

Looking to do some analysis on how many emails our users get per day. I saw that I was able to go into a single user and export a csv containing the emails they received from 4/24 - 4/28. Would it be possible to do this for all users? It’s not scalable for me to manually go into each user and do this.


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Hi @willrilla!

Thank you for posting to our Community! I'm happy to help with your question. :)

You can get an overview of each campaign, broadcast, and transactional message and export those metrics via the Analysis page. You can learn more here.

That said, if you would like to see a breakdown of how many emails are sent to each customer each day, you could export a CSV from the Deliveries & Drafts page:

 Once exported, you can use the spreadsheet tool of your choice to sort users, dates, and specific messages to run the desired report.

Additionally, if you use reporting webhooks, you might be able to analyze your delivery metrics per user with the data you’ve collected.

I should also mention that if you are concerned about users receiving too many messages, you may want to consider enabling message limits in your workspace so you can control how many messages each user gets within a given time period.

I hope this sets you on the right track. If you have any further questions about this, please let us know!