Issues in time delay

  • 18 August 2022
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I created a workflow and added a time delay of five minutes. However, when I checked it, it says that people are waiting for a day. I check the customer’s journey and see that they’re waiting in a grace period for a day. Why is there a grace period when I only put a time delay of five minutes?


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1 reply

Hi Ruth! 


Grace Periods are usually the result of the profile not matching the filter condition for the campaign at the time the profile is set to advance to the next action in the journey. Based on your description, my hunch is that customers are not qualifying for the campaign as a result of a filter and will exit after a day if that filter inclusion status remains unchanged.


I would suggest reviewing the filter conditions against the profile to validate this. From there, you may consider modifying the filter to avoid grace periods in the future. 


We also offer a great guide on common grace period behavior which you can review here.